Sapphire Minecraft Mod 1.2.5

22 07 2012



Download here:



New ToonBot Trailer Up!

12 04 2012

Check out the new trailer for ToonBot over on its blog here or go onto my channel and find it on YouTube!

ToonBot is a 3D side scrolling platformer set to release for iOS and Android in the future. It is about a blue robot that sets out on a journey to stop the evil red robot king and save the pink robot princess from danger. On his way he will encounter many different locations and enemies that will hinder his trek.

Unity3D – Skyrim Like Inventory System

31 03 2012

This is a short video showing off what I will be teaching in my next tutorial. It is a simple inventory system that is made to resemble that of Skyrim. A tab opens to the side and you can scroll down a list of items(30 max in the video).


New ToonBot Website!

30 03 2012

Hey everybody who is a fan of ToonBot(and those who should be), check out the new site for it over at

You can get all the latest news, screenshots, videos, and possibly even links back to this site for some awesome tutorials ;). So check it out whenever you can and like everything you see!

PS. I will be trying to add a few more tutorial videos on the site along with a link in the toolbar for “Tutorials” soon.

ToonBot Gameplay Video

18 03 2012

Check it out here:

ToonBot Gameplay Video Pushed Back

18 03 2012


I did not manage to find time to make the gameplay video of ToonBot for everybody to see, but I promise I will try to have something uploaded by tomorrow, Sunday March 18th.

For now I will just post this screenshot that I have had lying around. This shows the docks level just a little bit.

Unity 3D Platformer – ToonBot

17 03 2012

The Story

This is the first post about my game that is currently in production titled “ToonBot”. ToonBot is about a robot/cartoony character who must search through random locations to find the princess of the blue bots. On his way he will encounter new challenges, funny surroundings, and plenty of boss fights.

The Game

Game will be released to the app store whenever around 60 levels have been made and there will be monthly updates to add more levels. I will also try to release the game to the android market but my primary aim at the moment is to get this game made for the iOS.

Screenshots and Videos

I will post screenshots on the website whenever I can and I am planning on posting a gameplay video to YouTube and posting it here as well. The game will be available for $.99 and you will also be able to download the lite version which has ads and only a few levels.